Consumer Mailing Lists consumer mailing lists provide accurate and affordable B2C residential leads updated monthly. With a database of close to 300 million consumers in over 130 million living units, we are the most comprehensive and accurate source for consumer marketing data available today.

Using map or satellite layers, view your target neighborhood or local marketing area to build your consumer mailing list easily and accurately using GeoInsight™, our powerful, Web-based, geo-targeting application. Simply draw the geographic areas you want to reach on a map. View your target prospects and select advanced demographics. Target your prospects today!

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Consumer Mailing List purchases include (basic):

Zip Code

Partial list of demographic selections available:

Dwelling Type
Homeowner Status (Own/Rent Indicators)
Length of Residence
Estimated Home Value (ECHV)
Household Income
Household Composition
Person Age (min/max or both)
Person Birth Month
Person Type (primary, elderly parent, young adult, etc.)
Education Level
Marital Status
Presence of Children (and ages)
Political Preferences
Purchasing Behaviors
Donor/Charitable Contributions
Net Worth Model
Purchase Amount Ranges
Year Home Built
Lifestyle Interests

Additional list selects and outputs are available through our Mailing List Division - email or call today! : or 1-866-284-5816

Certification Reports:

CASS and NCOA Certification Report

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Contact Customer Service to order a list